The Theatre’s Mission


Even if you have limited time for cultural activities in Baku, you should make sure to visit the Marionette Theatre. Here you get the chance to come in touch, in a short period of time, with the full range of the Azerbaijani people’s cultural heritage: architecture, music, traditional costumes, the melodies of Azeri speech, daily life and holidays, ornaments and dances... 

The modern here originates from the ancient, the classic links to the contemporary, tradition ties to innovation, the East flows into the West... The Theatre’s magic results from various influences including the theatre building, the shows staged, and every person related to the Theatre’s life. 

By now two plays by Uzeyir Hajibeyli have been staged in the theatre: “Arshin Mal Alan” (musical, 1913/1990) and “Leyli & Majnun” (opera, 1908/2016). in the future the theatre will expand its repertoire by adding other plays which present and promote the creative heritage of U.Hajibeyli, known as the founder of Azerbaijan’s classical music, a great composer and playwright, a prominent folklorist and educator. This approach showcases the conceptual idea of Tarlan Gorchu – the theatre’s founder and director. 

An endless power of love can be heard from every single tune composed by the great Hajibeyli and can be observed in each of our marionettes and stage sets, as well as in every movement of our puppeteers. Thus our shows are remarkably clear and attractive for speakers of any language and spectators of all ages, origins and outlooks.

Designer: Tarlan Gorchu

Photographers: Eva Abilova, Tarlan Gorchu, Vladimir German, Andrey Kovalyov, Anatoliy Khmelevskiy, Hikmet Aydinoglu