Tarlan Gorchu

Tarlan Gorchu was born and raised in Baku. He is a graduated staging director, an artist, and the founder and head of the Baku Marionette Theatre; he gained his professional creative experience in Baku, Moscow, Tbilisi and Warsaw. Aside from his principal activities, he is known internationally as a master of classical and modern Oriental calligraphy, a design artist in contemporary art, and a publisher of art albums and illustrated books for children (he is the head of TUTU Publishers).

Tarlan Gorchu is a member of The Azerbaijan Artists’ Union and Azerbaijan Theatre-makers’ Union. He is often invited to local and international exhibitions as either participant or board member; he is the author of numerous successful design projects and installations presented in Baku, Warsaw, Paris, Vilnius, Moscow, Basel, Berlin, Tbilisi, London, Venice...

Additional info:http://baku-media.ru/ru/versions/indexhttp://www.contact.az/docs/2015/Culture/060600118425ru.htm#.V10HL7t97IU http://epccongress.eu/ru/bio/

Tarlan Gorchu and artist Altay Sadikhzadeh

Designer: Tarlan Gorchu

Photographers: Eva Abilova, Tarlan Gorchu, Vladimir German, Andrey Kovalyov, Anatoliy Khmelevskiy, Hikmet Aydinoglu